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  • Phoenix Contact ILME Harting M12 Connector

Pheonix Contact Harsh-Environment Connectors

Phoenix Contact Rectangular Connectors


Phoenix Contact is a German manufacturer of a broad range of electrical connectors and components with production facilities in Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Greece, India, Poland, Turkey, Sweden and the USA.

Connector-Tech ALS is proud to offer these products to our Australian customers and have identified key advantages in Phoenix Contact's solutions for both Heavy-Duty Rectangular and Electric Vehicle connectors.

Heavy-Duty Rectangular

Heavy-duty connectors from the HEAVYCON complete series are designed to ensure safe power transmission under the harshest environmental conditions. They are resistant to dirt, water, vibrations, and high mechanical strain and remain sealed up to IP69K protection.

HEAVYCON STANDARD – Metal housing with single locking latch or double locking latch
HEAVYCON EVO – Flexible selectable cable outlet direction thanks to swiveled bayonet locking
HEAVYCON ADVANCE – Robust without compromise and cost-effective, thanks to direct mounting

Multiple methods of contact termination are available in the HEAVYCON series:
  • Screw Connection
  • Axial Screw Connection
  • Crimp Connection
  • Spring Connection
  • Push-in Connection (pictured, right)
  • QUICKON fast connection for single wires

Electric Vehicle

Phoenix Contact Push-In Connection DC Connectors
Phoenix Contact offers all standard-compliant Electric Vehicle Connectors for worldwide fast charging with direct current.

  • Currents up to 250 A DC and charging power up to 200kW
  • Standard-compliant connector geometries (Type 1 and Type 2)
  • Temperature monitoring by integrated sensors
AC Connectors
The AC connector range includes mobile charging cables, intelligent charging cables with IC-CPD for household sockets and conventional charging with AC.

  • Currents up to 32A AC
  • 1 or 3-phase charging/charging power up to 22kW
  • Standard-compliant connector geometries (Type 1 and Type 2)

Phoenix Contact Sensor and HEAVYCON Data (23.2Mb)
Phoenix Contact EV AC Connectors (0.4Mb)
Phoenix Contact EV DC Connectors (2.7Mb)
Phoenix Contact Field Connector Data (34.1Mb)