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  • PCE CEE Container IEC60309

PC Electric CEE Connectors | IEC 60309

PCE CEE Connector

PCE is an Austrian manufacturer developing and producing industrial plugs and sockets to suit a wide range of applications. The PCE catalogue includes over 22,000 items which are produced according to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

Connector-Tech ALS is proud to offer PCE CEE Connectors, inlets, outlets, plugs and receptacles as a high-quality option for electrical installations.

PCE Product Features

  • Contact screws accessible from one direction, captive and open with multi-slot
  • No screws needed to assemble the plug
  • Multi-ramp quick-lock system
  • Easy fitting by twist-lock action saves time
  • Dismantled by simply unlocking and twisting to open
  • Screwless connection technology
  • Screwless TT-terminal (PCE-patent in process)
  • Open contact terminals, ready for assembly
  • For all standard cable diameters
  • 16A: from 2.5mm2 flexible to 4mm2 solid stripped wires
  • 32A: from 6mm2 flexible to 10mm2 solid stripped wires
  • 63A: from 16mm2 flexible to 25mm2 solid stripped wires
  • 125A: from 50mm2 flexible to 70mm2 solid stripped wires
  • Lamellar spring for low insertion and extraction forces
  • Anti-corrosion contacts

PCE Complete Catalogue (94.9Mb)
PCE Electric Vehicle Connectors (3.4Mb)