• Mennekes CEE Container IEC60309

Mennekes CEE Series | IEC 60309

Mennekes CEE Connector

Mennekes CEE plugs and sockets are used in a wide variety of applications including general industry, agriculture, entertainment, building sites, portable equipment and dockside power. These products are often selected for their simple installation, wiring space accessibility, low insertion and removal force, low transition resistance, high contact pressure and housings which are easy to grasp.


Mennekes CEE plugs and sockets are engineered to meet the following regulations and standards:

  • IEC 60309-1
  • IEC 60309-2
  • EN 60309-1
  • EN 60309-2
  • IEC 60309-1/VDE 0623 part 1
  • IEC 60309-2/VDE 0623 part 20

Adherence to the above standards ensure the following attributes are provided:

  • Rugged corrosion and chemical-resistant plastic construction
  • Up to IP67 environmental protection (depending on the version)
  • 16 to 125 Amps (depending on the version)
  • Temperature resistance from –25°C to +80°C
  • Short term temperature (1 hour) +100°C
  • Contacts manufactured from a copper-zinc alloy for superior performance
  • Pilot contact for currents of 63 and 125 Amps is an auxiliary contact
  • Very wide variety of connectors available
  • Made to high safety and quality standards

Mennekes CEE series plugs and sockets utilise several proprietary materials to achieve their rugged performance in harsh environments. The connector enclosures and inserts are moulded from AMAPLAST® which offers excellent electrical, mechanical and thermal performance while being resistance to chemicals including oil and petrol.

For applications where exposure to other chemicals or aggressive substances is expected, Mennekes employs the high performance plastic material AMELAN®. Pin and socket contacts are fabricated from brass while screws, springs and other small metal components are make of rust-proof materials or steel with an appropriate surface coating.


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