• Marachel Connector

Marechal Electric Harsh-Environment Connectors

Marechal Connector

Marechal Electric products are designed to meet the most stringent requirement in the area of electrical connection (from 5 to 1000 A, 24 to 1000V, 1 to 37 contacts) in all types of industry.

Marechal Electric industrial plugs and socket-outlets use silver-butt contacts instead of brass pins and sleeves and an integral switching device allowing the user to make and break mixed resistive and inductive loads in complete safety.


  • Integral switching device
  • Closing on short circuit
  • High safety usage
  • Long term reliability
  • Heavy duty
  • Number of operations exceeding those stipulated in the standard
  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures
  • Significant overload tolerance
  • Compliance with the French decree on 1988
  • Compliance with European decrees
  • 24 positions to differentiate voltages
Marechal Electric Catalogue (27.7Mb)
Marechal DN Decontactor Catalogue (3.6Mb)
Marechal DS Decontactor Catalogue (3.4Mb)
Marechal DSN Decontactor Catalogue (2.4Mb)
Marechal Multicontact Range Catalogue (1.0Mb)

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