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ITT VEAM Powerlock Connectors

ITT VEAM Powerlock Connector


The VEAM PowerLock connector series was created to provide power distribution systems for installation in the field and - along with Phase 3's Powersafe range - is one of two options we offer for such applications. Typical applications for both PowerLock and Powersafe connectors include three phase motors, generators, load banks, lighting distribution panels and in-house supplies.

The PowerLock series is available in four basic formats which allow a system to be linked through daisy-chaining. These types are as follows:

  • Line Source Direct cable attachment to the source of power
  • Line Drain Direct cable attachment to the drain of power
  • Panel Source Panel mounting to the source of power
  • Panel Drain Panel mounting to the drain of power

Note the terminology used here differs from the traditional nomenclature used to describe each half of a connection (male/female, plug/receptacle, etc.). This convention is shared by the innovative Phase 3 Powersafe series.

Features & Benefits

  • 400 Amp or 660 Amp continuous power ratings
  • Coloured and Keyed to ensure correct mating
  • All connectors IP2X finger protected
  • Crimp or Set-screw cable attachment
  • Environmentally sealed to IP67
  • Secondary lock for added security

ITT VEAM PowerLock Sequential Connecting Box

The Sequential Connecting Box is designed to connect with standard ITT VEAM PowerLock connectors. The mating sequence requires that the ground/earth pole is connected first and the subsequent connections cannot be made out of order. The box is available in two current options (400 Amp and 800 Amp) as well as Source or Drain configurations. It is also environmentally sealed to IP65.

Each of the five ports is keyed to ensure that a given line can only be inserted into the correct aperture and an optional sealed security lid enhances safety even further. Finally a lock provides excellent protection against interference.

The ITT VEAM PowerLock Sequential Connecting Box is available in colour/line codings to suit the Australian, European and North American standards.


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