• Elke Technik NATO Trailer VG96923

Elke Technik NATO Connectors

NATO VG96923 Connector

elke Technik is specialist German manufacturer of NATO type connectors. These 2-way and 12-way plugs and receptacles are used for: jump-start leads for cars and commercial vehicles; lifting platforms; heavy haulage equipment used in defence, road construction and mining; building cranes and earthmoving equipment; and, shipbuilding.

These connectors are designed to perform in the toughest environments and are compliant with VG 96917 (2-way connectors), VG 96923 (12-way connectors) and complete cable assemblies compliant with VG 96927.

elke Technik Products
• 2-pole connector plugs for 25mm2, 35mm2, 50mm2 and 70mm2
• Connection cables with double-sided plugs 35mm2 and 70mm2
• Connection cables with callipers and plugs
• Cable lengths according to customer’s request
• Couplers for 35mm2 and 70mm2 cables
• 12-pole connector plugs (pictured, right)

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elke Technik NATO Catalogue (1.6Mb)