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As Australia's leading supplier of Anderson Power Products, stocking genuine housings and contacts for both the Multi-pole SB series and the single-pole PP (Powerpole) series. We stock the widest range of current ratings, colours and contact wire sizes in Australia along with a variety of dust covers, handles and other accessories.

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Anderson Power Products SB Series Connectors

Part No. Current Rating Contact Size Colour
6319 50A 6 AWG (13.3mm2) Grey
6319G1 50A 10-12 AWG (3.3-5.3mm2) Grey
6319G2 50A 8 AWG (8.4mm2) Grey
6800G1 120A 2 AWG (33.6mm2) Grey
6800G2 120A 4 AWG (21.1mm2) Grey
6800G3 120A 6 AWG (13.3mm2) Grey
6325G1 175A 1/0 AWG (53.5mm2) Grey
6325G5 175A 2 AWG (33.6mm2) Grey
6325G6 175A 4 AWG (21.1mm2) Grey
6325G7 175A 1 AWG (42.4mm2) Grey
6320G1 350A 2/0 AWG (67.4mm2) Grey
6320G3 350A 1/0 AWG (53.5mm2) Grey



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The two most popular series are the multi-pole (SB) and modular single-pole (Powerpole) series. For more information on these products select from the options below.

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