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  • Anderson SB50 SB175 Plug Connector

Anderson Power Products®

As Australia's leading supplier of Anderson Connectors, stocking only genuine parts for the entire Anderson range, Connector-Tech ALS provides the widest range of connectors, current ratings, colours and contact wire sizes along with a variety of dust covers, handles and other accessories.

Key Features:

  • Anderson Plugs are genderless, meaning that there is no male or female/plug or socket, just buy 2 of the same colour for a mating pair
  • The contacts are self cleaing, which means that as they are mated and unmated, the contacts slide over each other cleaning contaminates off
  • Contact life is 10,000 Connect/Disconnects with no load or 250 under load at the contacts rated current
  • 600 volts continuous AC or DC
  • In the SB® & SBS® series, the colours are keyed so that only the same colour will mate with itself
  • There are a number of contact wire sizes to suit each housing
  • Touchproof or SBS® connectors are also available
  • There are also versions that have auxilary contacts that can be used for signals etc.

 We only sell genuine Anderson Plugs to wholesalers, re-sellers and end users alike who recognise the value and quality of the original Anderson's. To browse our complete range of Anderson plug kits, select from the options below. For bulk pricing (500+pcs) please request a quote and we will be in touch.


Anderson SB® Multi-Pole Plug Kits

Anderson Power Products SB Series Shop Anderson SB50 Connector Kits Shop Anderson SB120 120 Amp Connector Kits Shop Anderson SB175 175 Amp Connector Kits Shop Anderson SB350 350 Amp Connector Kits


Anderson PP Single-Pole Plug Kits

Anderson Power Products PP SeriesShop Anderson PP15 PP30 PP45 Connector Kits Shop Anderson PP75 75 Amp Connector Kits Shop Anderson PP120 120 Amp Connector Kits Shop Anderson PP180 180 Amp Connector Kits



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The two most popular Anderson Connectors are the multi-pole (SB®) and modular single-pole (Powerpole®) series. For more information on these products select from the options below.