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Anderson SB50 Plug Kit 2 Way Gry 50 Amp 6AWG Contacts

$2.82 exGST

This Genuine Anderson® Plug kit is commonly used in dual battery and solar installations for 4x4, camping and caravan setups. It is ideal for up to 13.3mm2 cable (6AWG).

The 6319 Anderson SB®50 plug kit contains:

  • 1x Anderson SB®50 50A Plug Housing 2 Way GRY
  • 2x Anderson SB®50 PP75 50A/75A Contacts 6AWG (13.3mm2) Silver Plated

The same 50 Amp Anderson housing is also available with contacts to suit 8AWG (8.4mm2) and 10/12AWG (5.26mm2) wire.