For users of our Powersafe/Powerlock connectors we would like to point out a number of advantages of using sequential mating boxes over using individual panel mounted Powersafe connectors.

The boxes contain a set of 5 colour-coded and keyed Powersafe source or drain connectors mounted in a sealed box which is designed to bolt straight into a standard 19 inch rack.



Powersafe Box Advantages:

- You do not need a qualified electrician to plug and unplug the connectors once the box is installed correctly. This is true with or without the auxiliary connector being used. Over a period of time this can lead to significant labour cost savings.

- Additional safety from the foolproof sequential mating design is a prime reason to use the Powersafe box. You can never plug or unplug the 3 phases, neutral or earth connections in the wrong order due to the sequential design of the box.

- Quick to install. You do not have to cut holes for 5 individual connectors which involves one large hole plus 4 mounting holes for each connector (25 holes/set). The individual connectors are already mounted in a suitable box.

- The connectors in the boxes are mounted flush with the front panel whereas they would normally protrude about 50mm if a box was not used.

- Some electricity authorities require mounting screws to be made of
non-conductive materials such as nylon for safety reasons on individual connectors, however you do not have to worry about this with the Powersafe box.

- Tamper resistant as a special key is required to plug or unplug all connectors.

- There is a remote control function via a rear mounted connector which can be attached to a contactor that will disconnect the power if someone unplugs a connector from the box.

- Rugged & waterproof to IP67 mated and IP65 unmated.

- Flip up protective covers are built in and form part of the mating sequence.

- Complies with AS/NZS 3000:2007 wiring rules.

- Looks very professional.