Military connector part numbering can be extremely complicated at times, particularly when there are modification codes involved. Our staff are well experienced in the intricacies of both the standard military connector codes as well as the various modifications so if in doubt please do not hesitate to call us for clarification.

Here is a good example of how complex the situation can be: The original MIL-C-5015 threaded connectors come standard with solder contacts, but ITT Cannon can provide these with crimp contacts if you add the code F80 to the end of the code. Also F80 is not part of the Military numbering system so the prefix MS cannot be used at the start of the code and must be substituted with CA (for Cannon).

Furthermore, if the original code has a shell style "F" (with O ring) then there are further code alterations required due to historical complications. So, if the original connector code was say MS3106F10SL-4P then the code for the ITT Cannon crimp version would be CA06R10SL-4P-F80.

For a very useful detailed explanation of all the MS3106x v CA3106x threaded coupling style differences please click here Also, there are excellent military code explanations on each of our circular military connector web pages that can be accessed from this overview page: