There are a number of accessories and modified versions of the popular standard Deutsch DT series connectors available through Connector-Tech ALS. These modifications and accessories enable the DT connectors to withstand harsher treatment, increase the water protection etc.

The following modification codes can be added to the end of the standard DT series part number:
- C015 Tighter wire seals ("E" seal)
- E007 & E008 Heatshrink boot adaptor on rear end
- P012 Enhanced front seal retention
- E003 & E005 Enhanced rear seal retention (E003 = grey and E005 = black)
- EP06 & EP08 Plug with enhanced seal retention and black end cap

Plastic Boots:
There are a range of plastic boots available for all of the DT connectors. We mainly stock black.
Some part number examples are as follows:
DTB-2S suits the DT06-2S
DTB-2P suits the DT04-2P
(and so on up to the 12 way……)
DTB-12S suits the DT06-12SA
DTB-12P suits the DT04-12PA

Thermoplastic Dust Caps:
1011-344-0205 for DT06-2S
1011-345-0305 for DT06-3S
1011-346-0405 for DT06-4S
1011-347-0605 for DT06-6S
1011-348-0805 for DT06-08S
1011-349-1205 for DT06-12S

Plastisol Dust Caps:
DTM3S-DC for DTM06-3S
DT3P-DC for DT04-3P
DT4P-DC for DT04-4P
DT6P-DC for DT04-6P
DTM12P-DC for DTM04-12P
DT12P-DC, DT12P-DC-BK for DT04-12P
DT12S-DC for DT06-12S

Note: The dust caps may have minimum order quantities and lead times.

There is also a range of snap on backshells available for the DT connectors which are designed to fit over convoluted tubing to improve durability and appearance. They come in straight or right angle versions. Please contact us for more information.