295pc Deutsch DTM Kit 2-12 way GRY 7.5A - BOM

$258.67 exGST

The Deutsch DTM Series of transportation connectors feature a smaller contact with an enhanced design based on the world-class, field-proven Deutsch DT Series.

Complete Kit Contents

  • 5X DTM04-2P 2-way receptacle with wedgelock
  • 5X DTM06-2S 2-way plug with wedgelock
  • 4X DTM04-3P 3-way receptacle with wedgelock
  • 4X DTM06-3S 3-way plug with wedgelock
  • 4X DTM04-4P 4-way receptacle with wedgelock
  • 4X DTM06-4S 4-way plug with wedgelock
  • 3X DTM04-6P 6-way receptacle with wedgelock
  • 3X DTM06-6S 6-way plug with wedgelock
  • 2X DTM04-8PA 8-way receptacle with wedgelock
  • 2X DTM06-8SA 8-way plug with wedgelock
  • 2X DTM04-12PA 12-way receptacle with wedgelock
  • 2X DTM06-12SA 12-way plug with wedgelock
  • 96X 0460-202-20141 #20 Pin Male contact to to terminate 0.5mm2 wire
  • 96X 0462-201-20141 #20 Socket Female contact to terminate 0.5mm2 wire
  • 20X 0413 204 2005 Sealing blank
  • 3X 0411 240 2005 Removal Tool
  • 1X Compartment case