248pc Deutsch DT Kit 2-12 way GRY 13A - BOM

$171.26 exGST

This kit contains 2 to 12 way plugs and receptacles complete with green band #16 (2.0mm2 wire) pins and sockets, and sealing plugs.

Complete Kit Contents

  • 5X DT04-2P 2-way receptacle with wedgelock
  • 5X DT06-2S 2-way plug with wedgelock
  • 4X DT04-3P 3-way receptacle with wedgelock
  • 4X DT06-3S 3-way plug with wedgelock
  • 3X DT04-4P 4-way receptacle with wedgelock
  • 3X DT06-4S 4-way plug with wedgelock
  • 2X DT04-6P 6-way receptacle with wedgelock
  • 2X DT06-6S 6-way plug with wedgelock
  • 1X DT04-08PA 8-way receptacle with wedgelock
  • 1X DT06-08SA 8-way plug with wedgelock
  • 1X DT04-12PA 12-way receptacle with wedgelock
  • 1X DT06-12SA 12-way plug with wedgelock
  • 80X 0460-215-16141 #16 Green Band pin to terminate 2.0mm+2 wire
  • 80X 0462-209-16141 #16 Green Band socket to terminate 2.0mm+2 wire
  • 20X 114017 Sealing blank
  • 3X 1011-026-0205 SP DT/DTM Mounting Bracket (suits all-but 8-way)
  • 1X 1011-027-0805 SP DT/DTM Mounting Bracket (suits 8-way)
  • 1X Compartment case